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Know How To Increase Employee Productivity with Snackit Vending Machine

According to a recent research almost 38% of employees spend more than 60 minutes of their time during lunch and a discontinuous 1.5 to 2 hours in ordering a quick bite from their canteen and waiting for their order to get delivered. This accounts to almost 20-30% of their work day. That's bad for the company.

The employee's side of the story is no good either. A long wait after ordering a quick filler or the long queues for a sip of juice or a bite of a snack not only frustrates the employee, it drains him/her out of energy and reduces brain function in the afternoon, another survey suggests.

Thus, this simple process of ordering a quick-snack from the canteen/pantry not only eats into the productive hours of your employees but also renders them less productive for the rest of their day. The sad part is neither the employer nor the employee recognizes the reason behind this phenomenon that we call a systematic mass slow-down.

Multiplied by the sheet no. of employees experiencing this systematic mass slow down, this simple act of "grabbing a quick snack when hunger strikes" could blow-up into a major productivity issue.

The only happy solution is introducing the snackit easy-instant office snack vending service.