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Introducing Snackit vending Machine

Snackit Vending fulfills the most basic requirement of corporate offices - food and beverages for the staff/associates. We provide 24/7 service this means that you can now expect to have a continuous flow of packaged branded foods and drinks- not only through the day, but also during the night!

Some of our offerings are cookies (Oats, Ragi, and Multi-?grain), digestive biscuits, dark chocolates, nutri bars, butter milk, lassi, soya milk, fruit juices, iced tea, cold-drinks,soups, like wafers, chocolates, soft drinks etc. These offerings are from reputed manufacturers of Food and Beverages with their packing and quality control and are chosen with utmost care. And we are open to choose additional items based on recommendations from your end. Typically these food items are priced from Rs 10 to 50 /- , to ensure that it is affordable to everyone.

Snackit corporate vending machines bangalore can hold around 360-400 products at a time with 36 different variety.Snackit positioning statement “When Hunger Strikes” is self explanatory.As we provide 24 x 7 services with continuous product availability.

Snackit vending services comprises of the following:

• Installation of the Vending Machines.

• Preventive and curative maintenance of the machines.

• stocking of Food and Beverages of reputed Brands.

• Replenishment of the same each day.

• Adequate amount of coins (change) for successful transaction

The payment modes in the vending machine can be cash or smart cards. There is a renewed interest to use Smart Cards among Corporate employees, which eliminate the needs of carrying cash and coins around. We provide Smart Cards which can be used across our vending machines seamlessly. We can also provide consumption reports and patterns on a need basis.

We believe that, this service will add to the health of the employees, build the brand of your organization as health conscious and provide direct and indirect benefits in productivity of the workforce. Please also visit our Web Page to see more details.
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